The V-BOT range of Smart Vacuum Robots are developed and manufactured by Taiwan Matsutek Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Matsutek), which have been receiving overwhelming popularity in Taiwan, The United States, Europe, China, Japan and Korea. V-BOT is officially launched in Hong Kong and Macau in 2008, exclusively by its sole agent - Meridian Marketing (HK) Limited. Matsutek was established in 1990 by Mr. Jason Yan. Being an activist in the "IFR-International Federation of Robotics” for years, Mr. Yan is respected as the "Father of Robotics” in the Chinese community. Since 1986, Mr. Yan has become enamored in his world of robotic inventions. With his special enthusiasm to improving living standards and life enjoyment, Mr. Yan has focused himself in designing and developing high quality and practical household appliances. V-BOT Smart Vacuum Robots are renowned for their outstanding performance and excellent reliability, and these qualities have been testified with the series of patents granted by a number of prominent countries (please refer to Patents & Certs for details). The most recent model, RV-14 is specially designed to cater for the living environment and busy lives of Hong Kong, which is featured by a tasteful design, high suction power, quiet operation and stringent safety standard. As a family lover who highly concerns about tidiness and cleanliness, V-BOT will be your best partner ever.